Spring Bird Playlist

As the season changes, you get that feeling. That feeling knowing sunny days are on the horizon and that means anything is possible. You shed winter worries and you want to out out and explore the world again. This natural shift into optimism (and with our one year anniversary coming up!) seemed like the right time to introduce some new flavor into our playlists. In addition to our standard fare, here are some of our newest additions to the Whiskey Bird vibes:

Bird Songs

When we put together the playlist for our restaurant, we wanted it to be another reflection of our food, our concept, and who we are.

It’s a light-hearted upbeat mix that makes you feel like you’re at the start of a party – spirits are gradually rising and you find yourself looking forward to a night of memory-making, full of quality time with friends and family. So hit shuffle, press play, and enjoy.

If you have any suggestions for us to add, please comment and share!