East Pole Coffee Co

As you’ve probably guessed, we take our drinks pretty seriously at Whiskey Bird. The restaurant is like our love child and so we’re quite protective over what goes on your table and in your cups. Which is exactly why we serve East Pole Coffee. They’re about to celebrate their one year anniversary in Armour Yards and we took this as an opportunity to spend some time getting to know their story over a cup of [ really good ] coffee.

Sitting down with Sara and spending any length of time with the staff, you can immediately sense how genuinely they love their product and serving their product. It’s something you just can’t fake; when a team is wholly invested in bringing something unique to their community, they don’t seem like they’re working. They’re just being themselves, sharing their passion with others.  Continue reading “East Pole Coffee Co”

Flamingo Sour Cocktail Recipe

Summertime is a time for adventure, trying things you’ve never done before. We wanted to have a little fun with our whiskey sour, so … we made it pink! Pink is always in style, right? You may never make this only for yourself, but if you have a pool party coming up or you’re just feeling frisky, here is the recipe for our Flamingo Sour:

2 oz  Virgil Kaine Ginger infused Bourbon
0.5 oz  The Perfect Purée Pink Guava
1 oz  Lime Juice
0.75 oz  Simple Syrup
0.5 oz  Lemon Juice
0.25 oz  Orange Juice
0.25 oz  Egg White
fresh fruit to garnish

If you do end up feeling brave and making this at home, share it on instagram and tag us @whiskeybird! We want to see your at-home creations.

Glasses Up for ASW!

When you truly have a passion and dedication to your craft, it oozes out from you – like you can’t even control it – and everyone around you can see it, hear it, and smell it. And that’s a good thing! We hope that our community knows this is how we feel about our own work at Whiskey Bird, and we know for a fact that this is how Jim, Charlie, and Justin feel about their craft at ASW Distillery. Take the time to read their story in their own words, we promise it’s worth it, as they are changing the face of American whiskey and doing it all in the heart of Atlanta. Their origin story is also not too dissimilar from our own, starting with two guys in college wanting to create something special of their own.

Continue reading “Glasses Up for ASW!”

Staff Spotlight: Kaiti

We feel pretty lucky to have a group of servers who are talented, creative, and motivated individuals. It makes a real difference that everyone on the team is committed to making Whiskey Bird the best it can be. Kaiti is true example of that – she’s a natural leader and role model for the rest of the waitstaff, taking ownership in everything she does which in turn betters the entire WB experience for our guests.

Name: Kaiti
WB Position: Server
How long you’ve been working for WB: Since April 2017 when we opened!
Day Job: I’m a full time student.



Where are you from and what brought you to ATL?
I’m originally from DeKalb, Illinois and then when I was 11 my mom moved us from one small town to another, in North Georgia. Then I moved to Atlanta in 2013 for college!


Name some of your fave ATL spots!
Some of my favorite spots are The Vortex, Grindhouse, Ladybird, and anywhere I can get good Italian or Mexican food!


Guilty pleasure
My guilty pleasure would be sweet wines. Taylor makes fun of me for it all the time, but I love sweet wines.


If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?
Cassie De Pecol! She was 27 when she earned a spot in Guiness World Records for being the youngest, solo, female traveler to visit all 196 countries. I think she’s amazing and I could learn a lot from her.


Dream job if money were no object?
This is the hardest question, because I want to do everything! I think if I had to choose something, I’d like to teach abroad somewhere. Or maybe run some type of organization that would promote education world wide. Either way, definitely something where I can teach and travel.


Favorite thing about working at Whiskey Bird?
If I have to choose one thing, because honestly I love everything about working there, it would be the people I work with. Everyone is just really friendly, and it makes for a fun environment at work.


Fave Whiskey Bird dish?
My favorite dish would have to be the Korean Rice Cakes. The dish has so much flavor and is very unique. My favorite drink would be the Japanese Godfather. It combines two of my favorite things, whiskey and amaretto, and it’s pretty tasty!


Staff Spotlight: Taylor

Our restaurant recently passed the one year mark! We couldn’t have done it without the support of our community and the talent and dedication of our entire team. We’re so elated to have achieved this milestone so we thought it was about time that we share more of the personalities that make up Whiskey Bird. Today we chat with Taylor, whose infectious laughter and positive attitude has been bringing smiles to the Whiskey Bird staff and guests from day one.

Name: Taylor
WB Position:  Server
How long you’ve been working for WB: One Year and some change
Day Job: A dog walker for Alfie

Where are you from and what brought you to ATL?

I am from Jacksonville, FL and have lived there for the majority of my life, aside from living in Gainesville for college. I came to Atlanta to experience living in a big city and to get a change of scenery. Jacksonville was getting very tiring and uninspiring, I wanted new experiences with new people.

Hidden talent

I love to draw and create things with my hands. I dabble mostly in illustration, but I also paint and work with ceramics.

Guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure is probably watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians. I find them utterly fascinating and would love to write a psychoanalytic book about their lives and shows one day.

If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

David Hockney! I would love to have dinner with both his current self and his past self. I love his art, he inspires me a lot.

Favorite dance move

Flailing my body around to whatever music is playing until it feels right.

Dream job if money were no object?

I would love to live with a host family in Spain and master the art of the Spanish language and make ceramics off the coast and sell them.

Favorite thing about working at Whiskey Bird?

Working at Whiskey Bird has been the best job I have ever had. Anthony and Chad are the best managers/owners and make it easy for all of us to feel like a little bird family when we are at work together. I’ve made friends at Whiskey Bird that I will have for a lifetime and that’s really special to me.

Fave WB dish?

The Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna is my jam!

Spring Bird Playlist

As the season changes, you get that feeling. That feeling knowing sunny days are on the horizon and that means anything is possible. You shed winter worries and you want to out out and explore the world again. This natural shift into optimism (and with our one year anniversary coming up!) seemed like the right time to introduce some new flavor into our playlists. In addition to our standard fare, here are some of our newest additions to the Whiskey Bird vibes:

We're Nanofarmers (Thanks to Replantable)

When it comes to food, we can all agree that fresh is best. But what do you do when you can’t always get fresh or you don’t live next door to a farm? You do what you can. You purchase from local farmers, you go to your weekend farmer’s market. And if you’re us… you install a Replantable Nanofarm. One week later, Whiskey Bird is now Nanofarm to table!  Continue reading “We’re Nanofarmers (Thanks to Replantable)”

Atlanta Restaurants We Love

Naturally, we love eating out. It wouldn’t make sense to run a restaurant if we didn’t go to restaurants ourselves. Since we don’t have all the time in the world to do so, we tend to find ourselves at our favorite Atlanta restaurants over and over again. So we thought we’d share the love here so you can check them out for yourself! Here’s where we like go on our days off…


(AV=General Manager Anthony, CC=Executive Chef Chad, CK=Creative Director Christina)


Easiest place to get a good drink
AV:  I am not really one for going to bars, I much prefer going to restaurants and sitting at the bar and having a drink and a snack, which usually turns into a meal.   One of my go to’s is Houston’s on Peachtree.  They have a great California wine list and make good classic cocktails.  The service is always stellar and the experience is always consistent.   When I want more of the bar and something a little more creative I hop down to Little Trouble where “summer time clothes” is my go to drink.
CK: Anthony and Chad aren’t going to toot their own horn, but Whiskey Bird is one of the best places to get a drink and part of the reason I first fell in love with WB in the first place. Their classic cocktails are strong, balanced, and delicious – my all time favorites are the pina colada and the french 95.


Best bowl of noodle soup 
AVJinya and Pho Dai Loi 2 are my go to’s.  Both are quick, delicious and consistent.
CCNam Phuong for Pho with brisket and Jinya for ramen… I’ve been meaning to also try out Hajime which is very close to Whiskey Bird and on my way into work.
CK: I literally go to a different place for every kind of noodle soup. Pho Bac for pho, the Asian Supermarket food court for wonton noodle soup, and Yong He Zhi Jia for beef noodle soup. When it comes to noodle soup, I love it all!

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A Guide to Japanese Whisky

You may have guessed that we have a little love affair with Japanese whisky. But we know it can be overwhelming to see rows and rows of these bottles, so our good friend Tyler Francisco put together a handy-dandy guide on the flavor notes for you to explore. These are some of the highlights; visit us in person to see the rest!

Beginning in 1870, with its first commercial output in 1924, Japanese made whisky began with the Yamazaki distillery. The liquor importer, Shinjirotorii hired Masataka Taketsuru, who studied scotch whisky extensively. These pioneers went to great lengths to recreate scotch but with the Japanese palate in mind. Torii chose a suburb of Kyoto, where the water is crystal clear, as the famous tea master Sen No Rikyu had his tea room in the vicinity for the same reason. In 1934, Taketsuru left to open his own distillery in Hokkaido, due to its similar geography to that of Scotland, which later became Nikka. Hakushu 12 yr and Nikka Yoichi are superb single malts, while Hibiki Harmony and Toki Suntory represent delicious blends.

Mars Iwai
Nagano, Japan
80 proof
From Japan’s highest distillery, sweet pear, quince, maple,
buttered corn and vanilla characterize while finishing soft and
remarkably smooth.

Yamazaki 12-year Single Malt
Osaka, Japan
86 proof
Pure gold in color, peach, pineapple, grapefruit, clove, candied
orange, vanilla and mizunara (Japanese) oak on the nose. Hints of
coconut, cranberry, butter on the palate with sweet ginger, cinnamon
and a long finish.

Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
Sapporo and Sendai, Japan
86 proof
Single malts from both Yoichi and Miya Gikyo distilleries blend
beautifully in bright scents of red and tart fruits with flavors of spicy
clove, cherry and menthol. A rich fruit-filled finish follows.

White Oak Akashi Blended Single Malt
Osaka Yamanashi and Aichi, Japan
80 proof
Cereal, caramelized sugar, vanilla custard, apple and barley malt hover as sweet fudge, baking spices, fennel and a light wasabi heat settle.
Hints of peat, toffee and oak continue lush and medium.

Toki Blended Whisky
Osaka Yamanashi and Aichi, Japan
86 proof
Crystal gold in color, basil, green apple and honey condense to
grapefruit, peppermint, white grape and thyme on the tongue. Subtly
sweet and spicy, vanilla bark, white pepper and ginger peer through
the finish. Blended from Yamazaki, Hakushu and Chita distilleries.

For more info on our whiskeys, read more here!

Spotlight On: Dirk

Dirk is the bartender you wish all bartenders could be.. experienced and knowledgeable without being an ounce of pretentious or cocky. He’s friendly and warm, but won’t invade your space. He’s creative and spirited, but only wants to make a drink he knows you’ll enjoy. Meet Dirk!

Where are you from and how did you get into bartending?
I am from the lovely Mount Dora, Florida. I started bartending at the age of 19. I was working for a small bar in college barbacking and the head bartender liked my work ethic and took me under her wings. The rest is history.  Continue reading “Spotlight On: Dirk”